Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Can I change to a different plan once I’ve subscripted to one?

Yes, you can switch plans at any time you want to your current month invoice will be apportioned in the following ones automatically.

Can I cancel at any time?

There's no minimum contract for Influenzers — cancel at any time without penalty or hassle. If you prepaid for a year, we’ll refund any unused months.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You will be able to do it anytime in your account settings menu. Click on "Billing" to unfold your subscription details. Right below your plan selection, you will find "Cancel subscription". Keep in mind that once your subscription is canceled and your renovation period is over, you won't be able to access neither your lists' data nor influencers' archives.

What payment methods are accepted for Influenzers?

Influenzers currently accepts payments with a credit card or through PayPal.

How do I see my paid bills?

You can always find that in your account settings then select “payment”, you should now be able to see everything about your paid bills.

Will Influenzers assist me in directly contacting influencers?

We provide you direct contact details either via mobile or email, so you can contact them without any need for anyone.

Can I subscribe to one of the plans when I only need it?

It’s up to you to manage your subscription. With Influenzers there is no mandatory contract. All you need to know is that when you stop using your account and then restart using it, you will lose everything you created or added in your first experience.

What if I have subscription renewal problems with Influenzers?

Do not worry, you will be able to reach your account data. Nothing will be deleted. you will get back everything once you renew your subscription.

Does Influenzers offer customized plans for reaching more specific influencers?

Sure. We are able to respond to all your needs. If you need specific things and are different from our plans, just contact us and we will do our best to help you.

I don't know which plan is the best for me?

Don’t worry. Influenzers team will help you to make the best decision. Contact us via email

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