Instagram engagement rate calculator

Measure the real-time engagement rate of any Instagram account based on average likes and posts.

How is engagement rate calculated ?

((Likes + Comments / Number of Posts) / Total Number of Followers / 10) * 100 = Engagement Rate. For your information, any interaction your followers do with your posts is considered an interaction, whether it is likes, comments, saves, or views.

Why Instagram engagement rate is important?

Having a high engagement rate on Instagram gives you massive credibility among the Instagrammer community. It also indicates that your content receives an impressive interaction from your followers. As an influencer, a high engagement rate helps you in negotiation when seeking paid brand sponsorships. While engagement rate helps brands determine which accounts are most able to attract the most loyal customers.

How do Instagram algorithms affect engagement rate?

The three following factors play a major role in prioritizing your posts on Instagram feed: Attention: How much does Instagram expect you to notice this post or not, and based on your past interaction, it can tell. For example, if you often like and comment on dogs' pictures, you are more likely to see more dogs' pictures in your feed. Recency: Instagram will prioritize newer posts over older posts. Interaction: The more you interact with a particular user by commenting and liking his posts, the more you will see his posts.

What does low engagement rate indicate?

it usually means one of the following:
  • The account has a high percentage of fake followers.
  • The content that is shared is no longer interesting for the followers.
  • The account has been affected by recent Instagram algorithm updates.
In some cases, the low rate of posting on the account affects the engagement rate as the Instagram algorithms prefer the continuity of posting content.

How can I increase my Instagram engagement rate?

There are a lot of strategies and tactics that you can use to get real followers on Instagram and then increase your engagement rate such as sharing the right content at the right time and by using the right hashtags.

What is a good Instagram engagement rate?

Determining what is a good engagement rate on Instagram, is one of the areas that attracted Influenzers attention and after studying more than 9,000 Instagram accounts, we found a lot of data,but we will share with you some helpful tips with you:
  • The average good engagement rate for celebrities '5 million followers and more' is between 0.90% - 1.30%
  • The average good engagement rate for top influencers '1 million - 5 million followers' is between 1.50% - 1.90%
  • The average good engagement rate for influencers '100k followers - 1 million followers' is between 2% - 3.50%
  • The average good engagement rate for micro influencers (9 thousand - 100 thousand followers) is between 5% - 7.50%
  • The good engagement rate for the remaining users is '9 thousand followers or less' between 7.1% - 10%
The engagement rates above the average are considered high and excellent engagement rates, while the engagement rates below the average are considered low engagement rates.
if you want to have an accurate evaluation of your account engagement rate for your field and industry, Influenzers provides this to all influencers registered on the platform with a specific evaluation of how good their engagement rates are.

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