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Creating effective influencer campaigns depends on your ability to choose the right influencers. The right influencers can bring in up to 350% more profit to your campaigns.

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Learn from historical data and keep improving your strategies Your bottom line will thank you when your data points in the direction of perpetual profits.

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Don't make your clients wait for file sharing because it takes time to implement it. With Influenzers respond instantly to your clients' daily demands. Let us do it for you. Just click on your chosen Influencers to directly export their profiles to pre-designed PowerPoint slides. And voila! Your beautifully designed and branded presentation is ready to be shared with your clients.

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Simple tools, Powerful applications

Manage all your Clients’ potential influencers in one place

Create and export lists of influencers in one click. Organize the influencer search in lists and customize them according to your clients' needs.

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What to do with Influenzers ?

Sponsorship management

Sponsor an influencer and get branded content for your client.
Triple their brand exposure by using influencers in your campaigns.

Sampling Campaigns

Send product to influencers in exchange for promotion on social media.
An inexpensive and effective way to build hype for your clients

Events with Influencers

Managing an event?
Invite influencers relevant to the industry of your client and build hype.
Get exposure on social media.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to use influencers to support your affiliate marketing program?
Get in contact with them directly without any middleman, so you can negotiate terms that best suit your business.

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