engagement rate calculator

Measure the real-time engagement rate of any X account based on average likes and tweets.

How is X engagement rate calculated ?

There are a lot of ways to calculate X engagement rate but we calculate it here depending on the latest tweets because it gives real and more stable results. ( Retweet+ likes\number of tweets)\ Total number of followers))* 100= engagement rate

Why X engagement rate is important?

Engagement rates are the most important thing in influencer marketing nowadays. it allows us to move beyond bragging about the followers number to more reliable indicators. This is why we consider the measure of engagement rate, our most important indicator on X when we want to know about the influence of an influencer and the popularity of his content

How do X's algorithms affect engagement rate?

Many factors play a crucial role in prioritizing the appearance of your tweets, Thus, affect it in getting sufficient interaction, the most important factors are:
  • Timing: It greatly affects X's algorithms, X prioritizes the latest tweets.
  • The interactions that the tweet got in the first moment of its posting.
  • The richness of the tweet: it refers to the media that the tweet contains such as videos, audios, GIFs, or links which encourages users to interact with it.
  • Followers activity on the platform, the more active users follow you, the more reach and interaction you expect.

What does low engagement rate indicate?

it usually indicates one of the following:
  • you are generally not active enough on X.
  • your account has a high percentage of fake followers.
  • your tweets don’t interest the followers. your account has been affected by recent X algorithm updates.

What is a good X engagement rate?

Defining a good X engagement rate is a very complicated matter, however after our search and reading a lot of studies in the field, we can define a good engagement rate according to the following:
  • An engagement rate between 0% to 0.01٪ is bad.
  • An engagement rate between 0.01٪ and 0.09٪ is good.
  • An engagement rate between 0.09٪ and 0.30 ٪ is very good.
  • An engagement rate between 0.30 ٪ and 1٪ is excellent.
if you want to have an accurate evaluation of your account engagement rate for your field and industry, Influenzers provides this to all influencers registered on the platform with a specific evaluation of how good their engagement rates are.

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