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There are 100,000 Arab influencers available through Influenzers. #1 Arab Influencer Search Tool saves hours of checking and searching for the influencers you want, it doesn’t matter if you need 1, 10, or 1000 influencers.

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Are you still asking about the statistics of the influencers, their engagement rate, demographics, and geographic composition of their followers? With Influenzers, accessing the performance profile of each influencer became instant and easy! You will no longer need to contact the influencers to get this basic information.

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Want to find influencers on a commission basis? No problem. Influenzers gives you multiple ways to identify the ideal ambassadors for your brand. Save your selected influencers in lists, add notes and download your lists with information and metrics.

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Stun your clients with amazing presentations for potential influencers. You can export beautiful ppt presentations to your clients within a few clicks

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Amazing tool for influencer marketing in GCC, I love that you can discover new influencers. The data provided by Influenzers is one of the most accurate data provided by similar tools in the market. I Highly recommend It.

Abdulaziz Mansoor

Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert

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